The Disadvantages Of Using iTunes – What Are My Other Options

iTunes is a digital media player that is used to organize playing digital music and video files, and for downloads. iTunes, which is a product of the Apple company has been in the market for quite some time now, providing its users with digital music and also free streaming radio stations. iTunes work on Mac, Apple TV, PC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

However, iTunes definitely comes with some flaws.

One of the biggest problems that have destroyed the company’s reputation is their poor performance. They are known to run very slowly on computers especially on the Windows software. This is problematic especially for businesses that do not upgrade their computers hardware or that use computers which are slower because of their ability to hold less memory. This is especially caused by the fact that iTunes uses an extra amount of RAM.

Another disadvantage that comes with the use of iTunes is the fact that it has to be powered by a computer which makes it very inconvenient for the user. Your computer must be authorized and what sucks most is the fact that you need get authorized each year. On top of that, you can only be authorized on up to 5 devices, and only one iPod per computer.

Maximum Authorized

The fact is, you cannot use an iPod as a music transporter with iTunes. Most third party apps enable you to move music off your iPod and back to iTunes. This is one thing that iTunes cannot do. People want to share and transport music at whenever they like, but Apple does not offer that.

With iTunes, there are fewer sorting options. Since you can only view your music on the albums or by the artist, this leaves you with little or no choice on how you organize your music. The only way you can do this is by using the song view option which is very frustrating for the users.

Another headache is the fact that the iTunes are strictly formatted to mp3 and mp4 only. They tend to overlook this no matter how dissatisfied the users are.

In case you purchase music or a video files and you accidentally delete them, you will have to purchase them again as there is no way that you can recover them back. This is a big disadvantage to the users as their money is lost insignificantly.

iTunes causes software overload as it tends to organize everything starting from playing and organizing music, movies and TV shows, acting like a digital store for everything and also managing your iOS devices. This tends to slow down even the fastest machines.

Unfortunately, it seems little or no progress is being made to improve iTunes usability thus a big blow to the customers. Luckily for the customer, there are many other options for your music needs. Click here to get all the details about each of them.

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