Wondershare Dr Fone Review | Safe Fix For Recovering Lost Phone Data

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[DrFoneiOS title=”Dr. Fone”] is a piece of software that can allow you to recover the lost data on any iOS or Android Device. There are two specific versions of the program that allows for the user to recover any lost data on their phone or other mobile devices. One version is specific to [DrFoneiOS title=”iOS Apple Users”], and the other is specific to [DrFoneAndroid title=”Android users”]. The fact that they have developed the software for almost any device is an exciting thing to consider. Dr. Fone is a fantastic way to recover data from a broken, defective or permanently locked phone, such as is the case of many iPhones.

[DrFoneiOS title=”DrFone Data Recovery iOS”]

Dr. Fone offers a free service that allows the user to see which files can be recovered before paying for the service itself. Dr. Fone will also allow the user to be able to recover previously deleted data without having to recover an entire backup. With the iOS version, there is the option to restore directly from the iTunes backup. There are very few restrictions on what you can find with Dr. Fone

The Android version of Dr. Fone is also available for download as a free trial from the same source. If you are trying to recover data as an Android user the only time you would need the device to be rooted is if you are trying to recover contacts or messages. Any pictures, videos or other media content will be available without rooting your device. This is important to know because rooting a device generally voids a manufacturer’s warranty, and this program will allow you to recover data without voiding that warranty.

Dr. Fone is available online here and is free to try. The free trial includes the ability to access the iTunes and iCloud Backup features. It will also show you everything that can be restored and backed up. This is important information to know to ensure that there is actually something there to recover and not waste your money at a shop or online with similar products that don’t show what is possible.

User Interface

The Dr. Fone user interface is a clean, easy to understand program that even the new people to technology can use. Once you download the Dr. Fone app, it will ask you to plug in your device. You do this by simply taking your existing charging cord and plugging it into the USB slot on your computer. Once the program reads the information on the device you will get a screen of options on which data to restore and what you currently have installed on the phone.

Each type of item that can be restored has a checkbox next to it and by selecting those options you require, will allow for data restoration.

There will be a big blue start button in the bottom middle of the screen that you select once you have decided on what items to restore. This makes finding something specific
very easy.

For example, you have deleted your Whatsapp and forgot that there was an important message in there that included a photo with directions to a location that you have never been. Dr. Fone will allow you to restore that lost data.

Dr Fone Data Recover

How Dr, Fone Works

Once you have gone through the initial steps and have chosen which data to restore, it will take a varying amount of time. The time it takes to restore your device changes depending on how much data you are trying to restore and what condition the device is in.

The process of restoring data will start once you have hit the blue start button as described above. What then happens next is that Dr. Fone will scan your device for the selected data. It will then determine if it is currently on the device already or has been deleted. This is an important step as to not create multiple copies of everyone on your phone.

Once this is completed, there will be an option to select items that have been deleted from your device. To move them back onto your device, you simply select the checkbox next to the preferred item.

When Should You Use Dr. Fone?

Dr. Fone is useful in many different situations. I will go through just a couple of the most common though. Let’s say you dropped your phone and all of your important information is on there but the screen is smashed beyond repair, or best case scenario, you have a backup phone that you simply want to move the data to. This is usually a very difficult task with iPhones because they generally demand you to be able to use your screen, especially if you have it PIN or password protected. Dr. Fone will be able to get past that point and access the data to allow you to move it to your desired device.

In that same vein, there is another very common issue, you forgot your password. Now you could reset your phone and do a complete restore of your device, or you could use Dr. Fone to get that data off of the device before you lose everything. Apple security is very tight so when you do end up losing the password it’s a very difficult task of getting back into it.

Then, of course, there are the dreaded iOS update failures which have been known to wipe a phone completely. However, using Dr. Fone there is a chance that some of your data, before the crash, is still intact and on your phone.

When in doubt, try using Dr. Fone. It has a free trial available so there’s no risk in trying. What’s worse, not having your data? Or to spend some time trying to get it back?

What Data Exactly Can Dr. Fone Recover?

  • Messages and Attachment
  • Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendars and Reminders
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • Whatsapp Messages and Attachments
  • Messenger and Attachments (Photos Videos Linked Contacts)
  • Kik Messages and Attachments
  • Viber Messages and Attachments

It will also allow the user to recover from an iTunes or iCloud backup. It will not work if there is two-factor authentication connected to your iCloud account.

Dr. Fone Final Verdict

Dr. Fone promises a lot to their customers, and so far has proven to do exactly what they claim. The device recovery options are second to none, and having access to this software for free even makes it better.
The user interface is second to none and has easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to make the program work for you. The only thing worse than losing data is knowing that there is a free option that can potentially get it back for you. Therefore, it is a highly recommended product and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Dr. Fone retrieves your lost data for you.

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