How To Put Music On Your iPhone Without iTunes

Everyone knows how beautiful, unique and popular the Apple brand of products are.  I mean they should be when taking into consideration the variety of products under their belt that have been taking our digital PCs’ and mobile media market by storm.  Apple is unique when it comes to both design and software development and the extent of research & development that has gone into the production is unrivaled by most competing brands.  It is often Apple that leads the way with new features and benefits of products that other companies and competitors simply copy.

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As good as Apple products are, iTunes the software that helps you manage your devices has a lot of shortcomings when it comes to the average user of the iDevices.

  • iTunes is a big download, and takes up a ton of resources on your computer, which really slows down it’s performance.  I’m sure you’ve run into stalled back ups and super slow computer performance whenever you run iTunes.
  • It’s limited in the amount of devices that you can manage with it for some odd reason.  There is a limit of 5 devices that can be run from one iTunes account.  Weird.
  • You cannot use iTunes to move your media files such as music, videos, pictures etc. back and forth easily from your device to your computer, and certainly not from device to device.  Apple tries to hard to control the media that you acquire and move from device to device.  Big Brother, right!?
  • The interface is kind off unfriendly when it comes to navigation and access to the basic functionality of the program.  How many times have you been stuck looking for ‘the right way’ to do something?

After observing all the shortcomings of the iTunes, an alternative was sought after by Apple’s mobile media customers for a possible replacement of the iTunes which spawned a variety of 3rd party software developers to come to the rescue of iTunes lack of function and feature.  This led to the creation of a more friendly and simple to use software program called [TunesGo_Win title=”TunesGo”] by Wondershare.  And thank god for it, cause it’s awesome!

[TunesGo_Win title=”TunesGo”] is what I personally call “the iTunes killer.”  Well it killed iTunes for me and my family anyways.

TunesGo-WondershareIt’s a light weight program that you can [TunesGo_Win title=”download for free from here”] and it has an easy to use interface.  Without any stress, I am able to easily transfer and manage any of my media files without jumping through hoops of iTunes and iCloud.  I can manage my entire family and all their iPhone, iPad, and iPods easily and without intrusion.  It’s honestly a breath of fresh air to have this much freedom when it comes to Apple products.

Why You Should Go For The TunesGo Retro

TunesGo Retro allows users to share and transfer their media files such as their music library with any of the iOS and PC/Mac devices they choose. It has the unique ability of preventing the transfer of duplicate content, by ensuring that only files not present in the destination library, are copied.  TunesGo Retro is also excellent for recovering lost files after a system crashes or accidental deletions.   Plain and simple, it’s the best device manager that you can get for Apple products.

How To Transfer Your Favorite Media & Music Files To Your iPod And iDevices Using  TunesGo Retro:

  1. The first thing you have to do is [TunesGo_Win title=”download & install TunesGo”] program on your PC.
  2. Next, launch the program and connect your device using your USB cable.  It will automatically recognize and scan your device for all files.  At the left side bar you will see a tab with an icone for your device.
  3. Click on the media tab, you will see your various music files, select the ones you want to transfer by ticking their appropriate check boxes to the left, then look at the second row at the center of your screen. You should see some buttons like Add, Delete, Export to, fix music and refresh. Select that small arrow button just below the export button to reveal the drop down menu, you will see the various connected iDevices, select the device you what to transfer files to and VOILA! you are done.

No, doubt TunesGo Retro is the best program for managing your files with Apple products. When you download TunesGo, you are automatically given few days to try out the program to see this unique and amazing software for yourself.  If you love it, it’s only about $40 to keep it forever.  Totally worth it in saved time.

Why wait! [TunesGo_Mac title=”Visit the TunesGo website now”] to get great amazing cash-backs on this unique product.

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